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Follow this simple process to order
prescription medications

  1. Have a valid prescription ready from a Veterinarian
  2. Search for the prescribed medication on the website.
  3. If you’re not sure what to order or you are unable to upload the prescription, please email nz a scanned copy or picture of the prescription and we will be able to help you.
  4. Post the original prescription via reply paid post.

    Please then post the original pen signed prescription to:

    Your PetPA
    PO BOX 216
    Palm Beach 3151


Can I purchase a prescription medication without a prescription?

No. A written prescription from your veterinarian is required so we can dispense medication for your pet. The prescription has your pet's details, the medication dose and frequency, as well as the duration that your pet requires the medication.

What if I cannot find a product?

Our range of products and those available for supply by the pharmacist is always growing, but if there is a product you can obtain from your regular veterinarian that is not listed on our website, then let us know as it may be able to be sourced for you at a competitive price - just call us on 0800 473 872 or email us at

Is the medication on your site genuine?

Yes. When purchasing prescription medication through Your PetPA you know that:

  • All prescription medication supplied is sourced from New Zealand veterinary wholesalers. They are Prescription Animal Remedy (PAR) Class 1 - For use under the authority or prescription of a veterinarian.
  • All prescription medication available is registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997.
  • We are operating under an approved operating plan from Ministry for Primary Industries and as such have strict rules to follow.

What if my vet will not write a prescription?

We find that most veterinarians in New Zealand are usually more than happy to write a prescription. If your vet is unwilling to write a prescription, then you can try to find another vet in your area who is happy to write prescriptions. Your pet will require a full consultation with the new vet before they can write a prescription.

If you're still having trouble, then please email us at or call us on 0800 473 872 and we can help you find a vet in your area that will write prescriptions after a consultation with your pet.

How long is a prescription valid for?

A prescription is valid for the period outlined by the prescribing veterinarian or until all the repeats on the prescription are used up, whatever comes first.

If your vet has not included repeats, or has specified “no repeats”, then the prescription is valid for one supply only and we will need a new prescription for your next order.

Can my vet write an "ongoing" prescription?

No, since a prescription is only valid for the period stated by the prescribing vet, your vet cannot write an "ongoing" prescription. Furthermore, we are only allowed to supply up to the quantity that your vet authorises on the prescription. Once we have supplied what your vet authorises on the prescription, we will need a completely new prescription to provide more medication.

I have one repeat, what does this mean?

If your vet has authorised one (1) repeat, this means that they are authorising the initial quantity (i.e. 1 bottle), plus one repeat – therefore there are two supplies (i.e. 2 bottles) in total.

If my script has repeats, will you hold it for my next order?

For the vast majority of our clients, we hold their repeats, so that they don’t have to keep posting in the original prescription prior to every repeat order. This helps to reduce cost and speed up the process of ordering repeats.

If I want my repeats returned, will you facilitate this?

Yes. The repeat prescription is your property, so if you want it returned, our pharmacist has a professional obligation to facilitate this. You may be charged for the cost of return postage, if required.

Can I get a different medicine than the one prescribed, say a cheaper one?

No, only the named product on a prescription may be supplied. If you wish to obtain a different medicine for your pet then we will need a new prescription from your vet.

Can you accept a prescription my vet emailed to me?

PetPA Pharmacy requires original pen signed prescriptions. If your vet only emailed the prescription to you, then please request that they post the original pen signed prescription to us directly.

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