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AlphaTrak 3 Gentle Glucose Monitoring System for Pets (50 Lancets)

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Gentle Blood Sampling for Pets with AlphaTrack Lancets.

AlphaTrak 3 is made just for dogs and cats, so you get accurate results when checking their blood sugar. Regular meters for people might need to give the right readings for pets. AlphaTrak's testing range (1.1-41.67 mmol/L) gives precise results for cats and dogs. It makes testing your pet's blood sugar easier to manage their diabetes.

AlphaTRAK 3 Lancets

  • Fits most lancing devices
  • AlphaTRAK Lancets - 28 Gauge
  • Easy to Use
  • Ulti-Thin Comfort 

Please be advise: 

  • ***The Alphtrak 3 range is not compatible with the Alphatrak 2 range***
  • Not for use on humans - For veterinary use only
  • Use each lancet one time only.
  • Dispose of it in a puncture-proof container.