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Antinol Rapid for Dogs

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Natural Is Better

Antinol® Rapid is a natural joint and mobility formulation containing two marine lipid concentrates. When blended these concentrates provide synergised nutrient energy which supports your pets wellbeing. It contains over 90% of all Omega 3's in a highly bioavailable form.

Antinol® Rapid is recommended as a daily nutritional supplement for:

- Enhanced joint health - Support for healthy cartilage

- When an alternative joint support-formulation is required

- Beneficial skin and coat support

- Safe long-term daily use with no known contraindications*

- No synthetic preservatives or fillers

- Fully traceable and sustainable

*The safety with pregnant or lactating pets has not been proven. May contain a minute amount of tropomyosin protein


Backed by science and extensive research

The blended oil in Antinol® Rapid is sourced from the New Zealand mollusc Perna canaliculus (Green lipped mussel) from the Marlborough Sounds New Zealand and Euphausia superba (Antarctic krill) from Antarctic waters. 

Due to our supercritical, environmentally-friendly and state-of-the-art extraction process the blended oil is 100% natural. It consists of up to 91 free fatty acid components, sterol esters, polar and non-polar lipids along with carotenoids. The blended oil is mixed with olive oil and Vitamin E oil to make Antinol® Rapid, a great NZ natural and reliable product. Because it provides nutrients that are essential components of body tissues, Antinol® Rapid supports animals healthy joints, mobility and skin.

Antinol® Rapid can be used daily for natural joint and mobility support, for skin and coat conditioning. It can also be used as a wellness influencer for those looking to be proactive about their pets health.

Pet parents notice and appreciate:

- Supported joint health and comfort 
- Healthy skin and coat
- More youthful-like play
- Antinol® Rapid is an ideal natural alternative
- Suitable for long term daily use and no known contraindications*

*The safety of this product has not been tested in pregnant or lactating animals. May contain a minute amount of tropomyosin protein.

Antinol® Rapid capsule appearance

Fatty acid crystals may appear within the Antinol® Rapid capsules and look like cloudy sediment has formed inside. This crystallization is a natural chemical process and occurs randomly in the formulated product with cooler storage conditions (change of weather season/refrigerator storage). These temperature conditions will also make the soft gel capsule feel firmer and harder. This change in appearance and feel is normal and does not affect the integrity, safety or performance of the product.


Can my dog take Antinol® Rapid?

Whether your pup is a sporting dog, a working dog or just a casual walk on the beach kind of dog; they can all gain support for mobility and joint health from Antinol® Rapid.

Antinol® Rapid is suitable for all dogs at any life stage, from young puppies to senior dogs who are slowing down, including:

- Working dogs

- Sporting/agility dogs

- Dogs requiring assistance with skin and coat health


How should I give my animal Antinol® Rapid and how should I store it?

Antinol® Rapid is a small soft gel capsule approximately 1cm long so it’s super easy to give to your pet. Most pets will gladly eat it out of your hand, however, as it has a very distinct marine smell we would suggest if they are a chomper rather than an inhaler of treats to not use this method. Instead either mix it in with the wet/raw food or give orally as you would with other capsules. There is also the option to pierce the soft gel capsule and mix the oil in with their food or treat such as yoghurt.

Antinol® Rapid is best stored below 25° degrees or below. Keep Antinol® Rapid out of direct sunlight and away from heat and humidity. Ideally, in hotter climates, Antinol® Rapid should be kept in the refrigerator and removed from the container just prior to feeding.



How much Antinol® Rapid should I give?

The amount of Antinol® Rapid you give your pet will depend on the weight of the animal and amount of nutritional support required. Load or double the daily recommendation for the first 2 weeks or if recommencing after a break of 5 days.

A general guideline is:-


Up to 22kg - Initial Loading of 2-4 daily for two weeks and then 1-2 daily ongoing

Over 22kg - Initial Loading of 4 daily for two weeks and then 2 daily ongoing


Initial Loading of 2 per day (one at breakfast/one at dinner) for the first two weeks, then 1 daily ongoing.

Is it compatible with daily medications?

Yes, Antinol® Rapid can be given with medications such as NSAIDs and steroids.