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Aquadent FR3SH 250ml

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Aquadent FR3SH targets the causes of bad breath in three ways

1 – CLEANSE – Addresses oral causes of bad breath

2 – FRESHEN – Freshens breath with every use

3 – BALANCE – Contains a prebiotic known to support proper digestion

An easier way to maintain teeth
Pet’s bad breath is a common complaint by pet owners.

While toothbrushing is the gold standard for managing oral hygiene, some pets do not tolerate toothbrushing, cats especially.

Using a water additive is an easy way to help control plaque and prevent tartar.

Water additives are recommended by the WSAVA Global Dental Guidelines as part of home care for dental hygiene.

A convenient way to fight bad breath
Aquadent FRESH uses FR3SH™ Technology to address three causes of bad breath.

As a liquid solution it is easily administered as an additive to drinking water.

Has been demonstrated to be highly palatable and readily acceptable to both dogs and cats.