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Coflex Bandage 10cm -Self-Adherent and Flexible

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Covetrus Supplies, a reputable manufacturer of medical and surgical products for pets, ensures the highest quality standards in their offerings. These products are essential additions to your first aid kit, providing peace of mind for unforeseen emergencies.

Covetrus Cohesive Bandages are self-adherent wraps designed for consistent compression, ideal for retaining dressings, safeguarding wounds, immobilizing injuries, or securing devices on your pets. Each bandage is individually wrapped for convenience.

Key Features:

Soft and porous fabric for breathability and patient comfort.
No need for pins or clips, ensuring easy application.
Tear easily from the roll, eliminating the need for scissors.
Water and sweat-resistant, preventing the bandage from loosening.
Latex-free for compatibility.
Random colours provided, but specific colour requests can be discussed with the team, although specific colours cannot be guaranteed.