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Biosponge Equine Paste - Digestive Support for Horses

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Bio-Sponge® is a supplement crafted for equine health, aimed at promoting optimal gastrointestinal function in both foals and adult horses. The convenient administration of this highly effective intestinal support formula is now simplified with the introduction of Bio-Sponge® Paste, available in individual dose syringes.

Usage Guidelines


Prevent Intestinal Disturbance in Newborn Foals Under 24 Hours Old: Administer 5-15cc of Bio-Sponge® Paste no sooner than 12 hours after the foal's initial nursing. Administer twice daily for 4-5 days, or follow the veterinarian's guidance.

Intestinal Disturbance: Administer 30cc of Bio-Sponge® Paste 2-3 times daily, no earlier than 6 hours after the foal's first nursing, or as directed by the veterinarian. Discontinue use 1 day after the resolution of intestinal disturbance.*

ADULT HORSES (For a 1,000 lb horse)
Intestinal Disturbance: Administer 120cc of Bio-Sponge® Paste twice daily, or as directed by the veterinarian.*

It is recommended to use Bio-Sponge Powder within 36 months and Bio-Sponge Paste within 24 months of the manufacture date.