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Biosponge Equine Powder - Health Supplement For Horses

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What is Bio-Sponge®?

Bio-Sponge® (DTO smectite) is categorized as an organo-mineral due to its composition of both organic matter and minerals.

How Does Bio-Sponge Work?

Bio-Sponge® boasts a substantial surface area, enabling it to bind with positively charged ions in close proximity and effectively remove them from the digestive system. This adsorption effect is the key mechanism through which Bio-Sponge® supports and maintains gastrointestinal function and health.

How Long Does it Take Bio-Sponge® to Work?

Bio-Sponge® exhibits rapid efficacy post-administration. If no discernible improvement is observed within 7 days, it is advisable to discontinue use. In cases where improvement is evident but intestinal disturbance persists, continue administering Bio-Sponge® until the loose stool has subsided.

How Long Can a Horse Stay on Bio-Sponge®?

While some horses incorporate a maintenance dose of Bio-Sponge® into their daily diet for ongoing digestive health, most horses use it until the resolution of the intestinal disturbance. However, Bio-Sponge® can be used on a long-term basis if necessary.

Recommendations for Use:

Prevent Intestinal Disturbance in Newborn Foals Under 24 Hours Old: Administer 0.5-1.5 tablespoon scoops (4.6-13.8g) of Bio-Sponge® mixed with 10-30cc water no sooner than 12 hours after the foal's initial nursing. Administer twice daily for 4-5 days or as instructed by the veterinarian.

Intestinal Disturbance: Administer 3 tablespoon scoops (27.6g) of Bio-Sponge® mixed with 30cc water 2-3 times daily, no earlier than 6 hours after the foal's first nursing, or as advised by the veterinarian. Discontinue use 1 day after the resolution of intestinal disturbance.*

ADULT HORSES (For a 1,000 lb horse)
Intestinal Disturbance: Administer 1 four-ounce scoop (97.5g) of Bio-Sponge® twice daily, or as directed by the veterinarian.*