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VetPlus Cystaid Dog (120 Capsules)

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A nutritional supplement effective in supporting the bladder health of your dog:

It is recommended that Canine Cystaid Capsules should be combined with increased water intake for example by switching to a urinary care wet-food diet. Cystaid can be administered whole or broken and sprinkled onto moist food.

Canine Cystaid contains 500mg of glucosamine.

Signs of Bladder Wall Problems

Typical signs of bladder inflammation can include:

Pain or difficulty urinating

Urinating more frequently

Blood in the urine

It is advisable to have any bladder or urinary issues examined first by your local Veterinarian so that serious disease problems can be ruled out as if left, deterioration of the bladder wall could cause your dog some discomfort.

Feeding Guidelines

Weight                    Initial Loading                             Maintenance

Under 10kg          1 capsule daily                    1 capsule every other day

10-20kg                2 capsules daily                  2 capsules every other day

20-30kg                3 capsules daily                  3 capsules every other day

30-40kg                4 capsules daily                  4 capsules every other day


Use as directed by your veterinarian or seek advice from a YourPet PA Veterinarian through our online telehealth consultations or APP as to whether this supplement is right for your pet.