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VetPlus Cystaid Capsules for Cats

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Following recent technical advances and new emerging research, CYSTAID® PLUS has been developed to continue to support bladder health with an advanced formulation. The product name has been simplified to CYSTAID®.

The primary ingredient N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine remains - to support the lining of the bladder - and the two supportive ingredients have been updated and replaced with four supportive ingredients.

All cats previously on CYSTAID® PLUS can use the updated CYSTAID® formulation to continue to maintain bladder health.


Feline idiopathic cystitis FIC is not yet fully understood, however in affected Cats it is known to be a multifactorial and often recurrent condition that is painful. Stress as well as physiological factors in can lead to flare-ups in prone cats.

The GAG layer of the bladder in particular is thought to play a significant role in bladder health- there are some cats which lack the ability to synthesize N Acetyl D Glucosamine and benefit from supplementation.

Cystaid is a feed supplement that provides N. Acetyl D. Glucosamine in a convenient, easy to administer capsule.


  1. Acetyl D. Glucosamine 99%, 125 mg- helps replace, maintain and stimulates the production of GAG in the bladder mucosal layer
  2. Quercetin – Inflammatory regulator which helps to support stress coping mechanisms.

L-Theanine- An amino acid found in green tea with natural calming properties that has been shown to reduce stress behaviours in cats.

Dose: First occurrence or flare up give 2 capsules daily (1 morning and 1 evening), for recurrent or preventative long-term use give 1 capsule daily

Due to the multifactorial nature of FIC or FLUTD it may be best to consult a Veterinarian in regards to the specific steps you could take to minimise this condition for your own pet. Encouraging increased water intake is also known to help.

It is advisable to have any bladder or urinary issues examined first by your local Veterinarian so that serious disease problems can be ruled out as if left, deterioration of the bladder wall or urethral blockages can cause serious discomfort and complications.

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