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Earthz Pet Vitality Gravy for Dogs - Bulk Pack (25 Bottles)

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Earthz Pet Vitality Gravy is a vitality supplement that packs a nutritional punch for your pet!

This vitality gravy offers your dog a daily dose of nutraceuticals, enhancing your pooches: skin, coat, and immunity, and promoting digestive and joint health.

Earthz Pet Dog Vitality Gravy for Toy/Small Dogs is a pet flavour supplement made with premium New Zealand ingredients including:

  • Hoki Fish Oil for healthy skin & coat
  • Kiwi fruit extract for dog digestive health
  • Manuka Honey for Dog Immune Health
  • NZ Green-Lipped Mussels for dog joint health
  • Each pack comes with 5x35ml bottles in recyclable packaging for Toy/Small Dogs, or 5x50ml sizes for Medium to Large dogs.

All ingredients are 100% natural and locally sourced in New Zealand, offering a fabulously nutritional daily feast enhancer for your furry friend.