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Elizabethan Thread Collar - Soft and Comfortable Pet Recovery Collar

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This cone is perfect for your dog or cat to prevent them from licking any wounds they may have, post operative care, stitches, spay/neuter recovery, hot spots etc. Its easy and quick closing system allow you to put it on the patient with ease. It has a fully transparent material allowing the animal all-round vision.

About this Recovery Collar

  • Many Size option available
  • Perfect for post operative care, spay/neuter recovery etc
  • Transparent material allowing the animal all-round vision
  • Quick and simple clic closing system

How to choose the correct size

Dogs : Measure from behind the ears or middle of neck to the nose and choose a size slightly longer than this measurement.

Cats: Small cats: 3.5kg 7.5cm. 3.5-7kg 10cm, 7kg + 12.5 cm