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EquiGuard Plus Mineral Supplement for Horses

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Revolutionize Your Horse's Behavior with EquiGuard™ Plus Mineral Supplement. Tackle the root causes of frustrating and potentially dangerous behavioural problems in your beloved horse.

  • What is EquiGuard™ Plus? It's the ultimate solution to address mycotoxin and magnesium deficiency issues in horses.
  • How does EquiGuard™ Plus work? This powerful supplement contains organic magnesium and essential nutrients to combat mycotoxins and promote better equine health.
  • Why should I buy EquiGuard™ Plus for my horse? Say goodbye to troublesome behavior and hello to a happier, healthier equine companion – bridging the gap between frustration and harmony.

Active Ingredients:

  • Magnesium (organic): 250 mg, Chromium (organic): 1 mg, Vitamin E: 50 IU, Meriden Fusion DYAD™**: 10g (providing 640g/kg bentonite and 160g/kg of inactivated yeast), Orego-Stim® flavorant

Recommended Dose Rate:

  • High Risk: 2 scoops (25g) per day for every 10kg of feed
  • Low Risk: 1 scoop (12.5g) per day for every 10kg of feed
  • One 15 ml scoop (included) is approximately 12.5 g.
  • The inclusion rate depends on the mycotoxin severity in the feed.

Directions for Use: Mix EquiGuard™ Plus with supplementary feed (cereal/fiber) at the recommended rates. Ensure homogeneous mixing with other feed ingredients.

Cautions: If symptoms persist, consult your veterinarian. Take expert advice when necessary to avoid any unnecessary distress when using the product other than as directed on the label.

This product is intended for use in feed that meets industry standards for animal feedstuffs. Do not use it to modify feed with unacceptably high mycotoxin contaminants. EquiGuard™ Plus may affect the effectiveness of other oral medicinal products given concurrently with feed containing this additive.

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