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VetPro Equine Four Feet Pouch (800g)

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Cracked and brittle hooves pose a common issue for performance horses, primarily stemming from inadequate moisture retention and sluggish hoof growth. This predicament can lead to difficulties in holding a shoe and makes horses susceptible to quarter cracks, seedy toe, and foot infections.

The key to prevention lies in enhancing moisture retention and fostering robust hoof growth. Nutrition plays a pivotal role in hoof growth, as the diet directly impacts hoof size. Horses receiving an optimal diet show an 80% increase in hoof-sole border size compared to those on a limited diet. Research indicates that essential minerals like zinc, magnesium, calcium, and sulfur, along with Vitamin A and Biotin, are vital for normal hoof development. Given that horses often don't receive an optimal diet due to pasture availability and feed balance, it becomes imperative to provide a specifically formulated supplement.

Equine Four Feet, with its gelatin and yeast base, contains essential components like zinc, sulfur, methionine, and biotin crucial for strong and healthy hooves. Gelatin, rich in essential amino acids (excluding tryptophan), contributes to overall hoof health.

Research suggests that for effective improvement in hoof quality, a daily dose of 15 mg of Biotin is recommended. Many grains are low in Biotin, except for maize. This recommended dose also supplies 9g of methionine, essential for cystine production present in Keratin, the primary protein in the hoof wall.

It's essential to understand that hoof improvement is a gradual process, requiring continuous supplementation for a minimum of three months on a daily basis. Hoof oils, while useful for retaining moisture and preventing drying, do not contribute to the structural or developmental improvement of the hoof.

At the suggested dose rate of 30g, Equine Four Feet provides 15 mg of Biotin, 9g of methionine, 150 mg of zinc, and 900 mg of sulfur.