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Nutritech EquiShield Horse Supplement

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Supercharge Your Horse's Health with EquiShield™! This natural powerhouse, packed with essential ingredients, is your key to supporting equine metabolic conditions and immune system health.

  • What isEquiShield™? is the ultimate nutritional boost for horses and ponies. It's carefully crafted to enhance their well-being.
  • How does EquiShield™ work? is a game-changer. Its blend of mannan oligosaccharide, modified glucomannans, magnesium, chromium, Orego-Stim®, and antioxidants keeps your equine friend in top shape.
  • Why EquiShield™ is good for your horse? Say goodbye to worries about your horse's health. EquiShield™ is the secret to vitality and immunity, providing the ultimate care your horse deserves.

Product Specifications

  • Active Ingredients: Chromium (organic), magnesium (both inorganic and organic), mannan oligosaccharide, modified glucomannans, Orego-Stim®, and vitamin E.
  • Recommended Dose Rate: For a high dose, it's 10g per 100 kg. For a horse (500 kg), that's 50g, and for a pony (250 kg), it's 25g. For a normal dose, it's 5g per 100kg. For a horse (500kg), that's 25g, and for a pony (250kg), it's 12.5g. One level 15ml scoop is approximately 10g.
  • Directions for Use: Mix with supplementary feed. Begin with the high dose for 10 days or until symptoms improve. Then, adjust to the normal rate based on your horse's response. For the best results, split the daily dose into morning and evening feeds.

Don't wait! Elevate your horse's health with EquiShield™. Visit Your Pet PA NZ and make EquiShield™ part of your horse's wellness journey today. Explore other top-quality products for your equine friend. And always remember, consult your veterinarian for any health concerns – their expertise is invaluable. Never disregard professional advice.