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Robinsons Veterinary Gamgee Tissue (500g)

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Veterinary Gamgee mirrors the well-known Gamgee rolls utilized by human healthcare professionals. It comprises a dense layer of premium absorbent cotton encased in a traditional cotton gauze cover. Serving as a highly absorbent secondary wound dressing, Veterinary Gamgee offers insulation and cushioning, safeguarding the wound from external trauma.

Available in 500g rolls with options of 30cm and 45cm widths, Veterinary Gamgee is suitable for providing warmth and padded protection to the wound site. Additionally, it serves well for general swabbing purposes. This product can be autoclave sterilized.

Key Features:
  • Soft cotton wool layer and traditional cotton gauze cover
  • Highly absorbent for use as a secondary wound dressing
  • Provides padding and protection to minimize wound trauma
  • Ideal for general swabbing