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Greenies Dental Treats For Dogs Regular 11-22kg

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Greenies Dental Treats For Dogs Are Tasty Chewy Rewards That Can Improve Oral Health

Helps clean your dog’s teeth by using natural chewing action to wipe away both plaque and tartar build up from the tooth surfaces

Assists in freshening breath by the daily removal of the plaque that can cause bad breath

Helps to maintain healthier teeth and gums

Developed for use as a daily treat

Highly palatable and great tasting

Made with natural ingredients

Low in fat and nutritionally complete for adult dogs

Highly soluble ingredients for quick and easy digestion

Provides environmental enrichment and stimulating activity

A safe and appropriate option that satisfies your dog’s instinctive drive to chew

Chewy texture

Fun toothbrush shape, green in colour!

130 treats in each pack

Recommended for

Large: Dogs 22-45kg

Regular: Dogs 11-22kg

Petite: Dogs 7-11kg

Teenie: Dogs 2-7kg

Size Selection:

A range of treat sizes are available to ensure the correct texture and hardness for the different biting and chewing capabilities of different breeds of dogs

It is important to select the appropriate chew for the size of your dog – dog should not be able to eat it quickly or without a lot of chewing effort

Not suitable for dogs less than 2 kg body weight or less than 6 months of age