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Joint Flex Great & Small Supplement for Cat and Dogs

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Joint Flex provides a balanced blend of 18 nutrients to optimise normal physiological function for:

  • Cartilage health and tissue repair.
  • Promoting freedom of movement.
  • postoperative healing. 

Joint Flex has been developed by Animal Health Limited, a New Zealand company founded by healthcare professionals, who are committed to the health and well-being of animals.


Glucosamine is an essential building block of cartilage and joint fluid. By stimulating cartilage synthesis and increasing joint fluid it helps repair damaged cartilage, thereby improving joint function. Bovine and Shark cartilage (quota caught under quota management by MPI) provides a complete range of essential components of cartilage, especially chondroitins (GAGs) and collagen which bind together to provide strength, cushioning and flexibility. Known as chondroprotective, they maintain the integrity of cartilage and aid repair and maintenance of healthy cartilage. They also provide minerals and hydroxyapatite, essential components of bone that provide structural support for the overlying cartilage.NZ Green-lipped mussel supplements joint nutrition by providing a unique combination of complex proteins, fatty acids, chondroitins, chelated minerals, and a glycogen fraction which maintain joint flexibility and mobility. Vitamins C & E are potent anti-oxidants required as cofactors in the synthesis of cartilage. They guard against free radical damage that contributes to cartilage degeneration. Niacinamide (vitamin B3) is an essential cofactor for cartilage synthesis. Boron, manganese, magnesium, zinc, copper, and selenium provide additional essential cofactors for cartilage synthesis. They may be soil deficient or unavailable due to modern farming and food manufacturing practices. Kelp is another excellent source of chelated minerals. MSM is found naturally in milk, fruit and vegetables, and provides a bio-available source of sulphur which is essential for joint nutrition. Devil's Claw is a dried herb that provides nutritional support for healthy joint function.