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Laxapet Gel for Dogs and Cats - 100gm Tube - Digestive Relief

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Laxapent Gel is a laxative that can be used in the elimination of hair balls in dogs and cats. It is suitable for use in constipation or hair balls. With paraffin as the active ingredient, this product is safe and a great option to keep things moving.

  • Paraffin-based laxative for cats and dogs
  • Use in constipation or hairballs
  • Use for prolonged periods may cause vitamin deficiencies, only use for short periods of time.

How to administer: For hairballs in cat, give 5g (10cm strip) once daily by mouth (can be put onto food or directly into the mouth) for 2-3 days, then 2.5g (5cm strip) every 2nd or 3rd day. For dogs, give 15g (30cm strip 2-3 times a week for small dogs, or double this dose for large dogs. (This dose is for laxative in dogs).