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MyBeau Animal Wash for Shiny Coats

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Mybeau Premium Animal Wash features Functional Keratin, known for moisturizing the skin and enhancing the strength and protection of fur.

Keratin, a family of over 200 typically insoluble proteins, plays a vital role in nature, found in tissues like fur and claws. With a high sulphur content and a well-balanced array of amino acids, keratins serve a crucial structural function in nature. Functional Keratin envelops the hair and skin surface, offering defence against potentially harmful environments.

Key Features:
Acts as a natural insect repellent.
Imparts a pleasant fragrance.

Coat Enhancer:
Promotes vibrant colour and a brilliant shine.
Application Instructions:

Wet the animal's coat with clean water.
Apply shampoo sparingly along the back and underneath the belly if needed.
For optimal results with horses, use a sponge.
Create a lather over the entire body, avoiding contact with the eyes.
Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
Special Ingredients:

Keratin: Moisturizes the skin, and strengthens, and protects fur.
Citronella: A natural insect repellent.