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Poop Bag Hydrant Dispenser - Convenient Waste Bag Holder for Walks

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Functional fire hydrant shaped poop bag dispenser attaches to any leash with velcro strap. Includes 15 Biobased poop bags and hook attachment for carrying a used poop bag (and its contents)!

Not only are the bags responsible, but the dispenser is too – both are made with at least 38% renewable resources such as corn and starch. Designed to fit most other leash-style poop bags.

  • Fun waste bag dispenser that comes in the shape of a fire hydrant.
  • Made of corn and at least 38% plant material.
  • Features a screw-on cap for easy refilling of waste bags.
  • Includes a fuzzy fastener strap to attach to any leash handle and clip to carry a tied bag.