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VetPlus Samylin Liver Supplement for Cats and Dogs (30 Tablets)

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VetPlus SAMYLIN® Liver Supplement for Dogs and Cats.

This specialized supplement is designed for pets dealing with liver issues. Regular consultations with your veterinarian are recommended to monitor liver function.

SAMYLIN® features a unique formulation that fosters optimal liver health. Available in breed-size specific tablets, its distinctive ingredients contribute to supporting liver function and combating free radicals.

Key Features:

-S-adenosyl L-methionine (SAMe) – SAMylin incorporates the active S,S-SAMe isomer crucial for correct hepatic function. It is enteric coated to ensure stability and bioavailability.
-Silybin – Extracted from milk thistle, this is the most active molecule. In SAMylin, Silybin is conjugated with phosphatidylcholine, enhancing its bioavailability and enabling its role as a free radical scavenger in the liver.
-Vitamin E – A powerful lipid-soluble antioxidant, supporting hepatocyte function within the lipid-soluble environment of cell membranes.


For supporting liver insufficiencies

Active Ingredients:

SAMe, Silybin, Vitamin E

Package Size:

30 Tablets per box or 30 x 4g sachets per box