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Seresto Dog Collar Flea & Ticks For Dogs over 8kg

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A collar like no other, Seresto provides protection by effectively eliminating fleas on cats and fleas, as well as ticks on dogs, simply through contact with your pet's skin. This innovative collar offers extended-lasting defence against fleas and ticks for both cats and dogs, for up to 8 months.

In contrast to other products that act only after your pet has been bitten, Seresto proactively combats these parasites before they can harm your beloved pet. The collar employs a groundbreaking approach by gradually releasing its active ingredients in controlled, minimal quantities onto your pet's skin and coat. This method ensures enduring effectiveness, sparing your pet from the need for frequent treatments.

Seresto collars are not only odorless but also water-resistant and straightforward to apply, making them a convenient and efficient solution for the prolonged control of parasites.

Why Choose Seresto?

  • Provides 8 months of flea and tick control for dogs and cats.
  • Works on contact, eliminating the need for parasites to bite.
  • Water-resistant*
  • Odor-free
  • *Water-resistant properties may vary; consult product guidelines for details.