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Simparica Green For Large Dog 20.1-40kg

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Simparica is a reliable monthly chewable designed for dogs, serving as both a preventive and treatment solution for flea infestations and tick control. Additionally, Simparica proves effective against ear mites, demodex mites, and sarcoptic mange. This quick-acting chew ensures rapid elimination throughout the entire month, maintaining its efficacy for a robust 35 days, ensuring protection until the end of the month.

Simparica Flea and Tick Control for Dogs

Key Benefits:

-Swiftly eliminates fleas, preventing egg laying.
-Rapidly eradicates ticks.
-Mitigates mites, reducing skin irritation and the risk of infection.
-Consistently shields against reinfestation, providing fast and lasting results throughout the month.
-Offers a palatable, once-a-month chew that can be administered with or without food.
-Safe for puppies, suitable for those as young as 8 weeks and weighing 1.3kg or more.
-Proven protection for 35 days, ensuring coverage even if administered a few days late.