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Simparica Blue for Medium Dogs >10-20kg (3 Tabs)

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Simparica offers a secure monthly chewable solution for dogs, effectively used for preventing and treating flea infestations, as well as managing ticks. It is also proven to be effective against ear mites, demodex mites, and sarcoptic mange. This fast-acting chew ensures rapid elimination throughout the month and maintains its strength for 35 days, remaining effective until the end of the month.

Simparica Flea and Tick Control for Dogs

Key Benefits:

-Swiftly eliminates fleas before they can lay eggs.
-Rapidly eradicates ticks.
-Mitigates mites, reducing skin irritation and the risk of infection.
-Demonstrates consistent protection against reinfestation, providing fast and lasting results throughout the month.
-Delivers a palatable, once-a-month chew that can be administered with or without food.
-Safe for puppies, suitable for those as young as 8 weeks and weighing 1.3kg or more.
-Offers proven protection for 35 days, ensuring coverage even if administered a few days late.