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SurePet Microchip Pet Door

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Give your furry pal a safe way to get inside while keeping unwanted guests out with the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door.

This flap door offers a smart way for your pet to gain access. Using a microchip or collar tag, it opens only for your dog or cat and stays shut for other animals. With the push of a button, you can program in up to 32 pets. It can be used on any door, window or wall, and is suitable for large cats and small dogs. Plus, it has a curfew mode that locks or unlocks automatically. Compatible with all microchips, a single RFID collar tag is also included for non-microchipped pets.

Key Benefits

  • Flap door knows your pets’ unique microchip or collar tag id and only opens for them; sized for small dogs and large cats.
  • Flap stays locked for any other animal, keeping unwanted animals safely and securely out of your home.
  • Easy to program with just one button and can remember up to 32 different pets; compatible with all microchips or RFID collar tags.
  • Lets you control your pets’ comings and goings, with different modes including curfew mode which locks and unlocks automatically at a set time.
  • Easy to install on any door, window, or wall and includes an RFID collar tag for a pet that’s not microchipped; batteries are not included.
  • 3-year warranty

What's Included:

Main Door Assembly, External Frame, Battery Compartment, (2) Battery Covers, Button Cover, Buttons, LCD Screen, Indicator, Light, Double Locking Mechanism, Draught Excluder, Selection of Screws, Screw Caps, SureFlap RFID Collar Tag.