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Trouble & Trix Cherry Blossom Litter 7L

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Experience the natural freshness of Trouble & Trix Natural Pellets Cat Litter.

Upgrade your cat litter experience with Trouble and Trix Natural Pellets Cat Litter. Enjoy a fresh cherry blossom scent while ensuring your cat's comfort with soft, scoopable clumps that reduce wastage. This litter is 100% natural, biodegradable, safe for kittens, and doesn't compromise on odour control. Say goodbye to urine smells with added baking soda, and enjoy the convenience of a lighter-weight litter that is soft on paws and low-tracking. Try the Trouble & Trix cat litter range for a fresher, lower-maintenance home environment. Order now for a cleaner, happier home!


  • Made from plant extracts like soya bean and guar gum (tofu, bean plant extract)
  • Blended with a soft cherry blossom fragrance for a fresh scent
  • 100% natural, biodegradable, safe for kittens, and non-toxic
  • Provides excellent odour control with added baking soda to neutralize urine smell
  • Forms soft, scoopable clumps for convenient cleaning and reduced wastage
  • Lighter weight than typical clumping litters for easy carrying
  • Soft on paws and low-tracking, making it a great all-rounder
  • Part of the Trouble & Trix cat litter range, which combines superior, long-lasting odour control, rapid absorption, and enhanced cleaning convenience via scoopable clumps for a fresher, lower-maintenance home environment
  • Available in various litter styles ranging from good to extreme odour control to suit your needs
  • Ensures the home you share with your cat is always clean and fresh.

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