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WashBar Paw Balm 50ml -Soothe and Protect Pet Paws

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WashBar Paw Balm 50ml

WashBar Paw Balm 50ml is a 100% natural ointment made from a combination of oils combined with organic beeswax. It contains Kanuka oil, a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent, plus Copaiba oil, a natural anti-haemorrhagic that helps stop bleeding and weeping and speeds up healing. This ointment helps relieve discomfort from dry, cracked and damaged paws while helping clear up and prevent infection.

Features & Benefits:

  • Restores, moisturizes and nourishes skin
  • Made with ingredients from New Zealand and the Amazon Rainforest
  • Repairs cuts and cracks
  • Easily absorbs into skin leaving a protective coat
  • Completely safe to be licked