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B Boost Paste Vitamins for Horses 30ml

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B-group vitamins play a crucial role in facilitating the conversion of chemical energy within muscle fibers. In grazing conditions, the necessary daily quota of B vitamins is generated by microorganisms in the large intestine. However, a high intake of grains can decrease intestinal pH, leading to a reduction in vitamin B production.

A diet deficient in B vitamins has demonstrated adverse effects on athletic performance. Human studies reveal that athletes experiencing less than half of their daily requirements for vitamins B1, B2, and B6 exhibited a significant performance decline. Similar equine studies indicate that supplementing with vitamin B1 before competition enhances performance by reducing the accumulation of lactic acid in muscles. Horses undergoing training benefit from B vitamin supplementation for several reasons:

As exercise increases, so does the production of ATP, thereby escalating the demand for B vitamins.

High-grain diets, common in equine training, cause a decline in the pH of the large intestine, altering the microflora population and resulting in decreased B vitamin production.

Scientific studies highlight that supplementing with Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) in the diet reduces post-exercise lactic acid levels.

Scientifically proven, Betaine reduces fatigue and enhances recovery.

Dosage: Administer a full 30ml syringe when needed.

Active Ingredients Per 30ml Dose:

Betaine: 1500mg
Vitamin B1: 180mg
Vitamin B2: 180mg
Vitamin B3: 500mg
Vitamin B6: 150mg
Vitamin B12: 1500µg
Folic Acid: 150mg
Inositol: 750mg