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Cat Flap White Catmate Glass - Convenient Access for Cats

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The Cat Mate Glass Cat Door in white, with a circular diameter of 245mm, offers a versatile 4-way locking mechanism (Locked/Unlocked/Out Only/In Only) and is suitable for fitting into wood, glass, most screens, and ranch sliders.


  • Simple cat door solution: Cat Mate Cat Flaps provide a secure and convenient way for your cat to access different areas of your home or explore the outdoors
  • Door and wall installation: Perfect for door installations between 0"– 2" (wall liners available separately)
  • Lockable cat flaps: Four-way locking options for personalised access control
  • Energy efficient: Brush strips and magnetised flaps minimize energy loss and keep airflow outside
  • Durable and long-lasting: Sturdy plastic frame and rigid polypropylene flap provide reliable performance for years