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SASHAS Blend Powder 250gm

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Sashas Blend is the ultimate joint health treatment for dogs and is based on a powerful and scientifically tested formula. Now available in a bite-sized dog treat, Sasha's Blend combines a number of premium ingredients that support and promote joint health. Take care of your dog, as he or she ages with the easy dosage and delicious taste of Sashas Blend!

Sashas Blend contains green-lipped mussel, abalone and marine cartilage which are rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids and glycosaminoglycans (including chondroitin sulphate). These active ingredients have been proven to slow the process of cartilage breakdown in the joint, as well as reducing pain and inflammation.


  • Help keep dogs active and healthy
  • Maintain joint function
  • Promote mobility
  • Work at the site of joint problems by treating the illness, not just the symptoms.

Maintenance dosage:
Give half the dose for ongoing general joint health.

Sashas Blend™
 is in powder form and is easy to give your pet. Pets generally love the taste. You can mix with food or drink, or roll it into a treat (i.e. bread/ham/cheese). If your pet is fussy, you may wish to spoon a week’s worth into a cup, and mix into a dry paste with a little olive oil or natural yoghurt. Roll into balls and store in an airtight jar in the fridge. These then can be given directly into the mouth or more easily hidden in food or a treat.

Sashas Blend Dosage:
(one level scoop = one teaspoon or approximately 2.27g)

up to 10kg; 1/2 scoop daily.
11 to 20kg; 3/4 scoop daily.
21-30 kg; 1 level scoop daily.
31-40 kg; 1 1/4 scoop daily.
41-50 kg; 1 1/2 scoop daily.

Give 1/4 scoop daily. 

Note: give half the recommended dose for the first week of use.

1 x 250g tub contains approx 110 level teaspoons of powder. This will last a 20kg dog for approximately 145 days! Compared with other joint health products, Sasha's Blend is very cost effective.